ZOO506 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 – Assignments – Solution VU

ZOO506 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 – Assignments – Solution VU

ZOO506 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 solution idea:

Credit: Amaan Khan


ASSIGNMENT NO: 1 Total marks: 5

Applied Entomology and Pest Management (ZOO506)

Fall 2020

DUE DATE: 02-12-2021


Audio Introduction:

“ Please prepare an audio introduction file through any available device. Preferably Sound recorder of the Windows”


General instructions

  • Total time of audio introduction will be 5


o   Course name and code (30 sec) (Very Important)

My Course name is Applied Entomology and Pest Management and my course code is ZOO 506.


o   Your Introduction (2 minutes)

My name is   son of/daughter of    . I am   years old but very energetic and willing to meet challenges.  I  am hard working and have strong communication skills. My truth is my passion and my family is my peace. I have siblings. I love to play cricket.

In adding to, I am doing from virtual university by profession. I am a teacher and teaching in from last years. Biology is my favorite subject and I have a good command over my subject. In creating beautiful, unique website experiences that make users’ time with a brand more enjoyable. I am fond of reading books and magazines. I am always being stood 1st in class. I am always take part in co-extra circular activities.


o   Your academic Background (1 minute)

I got my primary education from a private school name             . I got first position in middle examination and stood toppers among the board. In previous three semesters I got good marks. This period was a great learning period from me. I did my Matriculation from               Board in first division and I took admission in Government College for intermediate and I also have completed my intermediate from board in first division.  I did my B.Sc. from                    the in high                  division. Now, I am a student of Virtual University and doing.  This is my semester.  Now, I am doing M.Sc. Zoology or semester                     from Virtual University of Pakistan.


o   Views about course (1 minute)

This course of Virtual University brings a lot of change in the research and understanding of students. This course provides a best way to understand to insects and how to control the pest. Students will learn the fundamental elements of IPM programs including recognition and monitoring of key pests, formation of decision-making guidelines, intervention tactics, and fundamentals of assessment. The course will conclude with the development of a list of sustainable practices for conserving and managing insects in the landscape.


o   Expectations about the course (30 sec)

I expected that after reading this course, this subject will produce the research skill and also causes a major advance in the biology field. This subject will provide us knowledge to maintain the healthy ecosystem. I will expect that given an overview of the importance of insect pollinators and threats to their populations. This course will focus on the ecology and management of the most important groups of urban insect pests including disease agents.




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