VULMS (Virtual University Learning Management System)


VULMS (Virtual University Learning Management System) is a complete process that (vulms) is used by the university to help the vu students. VULMS provides students information regarding the administration, tracking, and delivery of educational courses as well as learning and development programs. VULMS is designed to identify training and learning schedules, utilizing course data and important information. VULMS is considered the best regarding an online approach to check all kinds of educational notifications. With the help of VULMS, the students can get easily what they want to follow the current happenings.

VULMS (Virtual University Learning Management System)

 VULMS is set to offer the educational steps in pieces and groups so that you can never miss an update. It is the VULMS that acts as a springboard for the students to explore online content containing both the courses and audio-video lectures. By using the VULMS, the students can easily track the news by simply opening up the required group. VULMS is the tool for the new students as they cannot stroll here and there and instead they just can scroll the VULMS and get all the stuff.

What is an VULMS?

It is application software for the administration of different activities in education and business. It is frequently used in the education department and helps to manages and delivers all the information regarding online content as well as notifications. It covers almost every area of an educational department and helps students like an instructor. That’s why the Virtual University contacts to the students via VULMS. The new enrolling students can easily visit and check all the information on the platform of VULMS.

VULMS (Virtual University Learning Management System)

Purpose of VULMS ?

The aim of the VULMS is very simple, just to facilitate the students as it is a complete package for the students to know what they want to untie. VULMS offers and controls the entire course at one place including lectures, content, books, documents, etc. The students can visit the VULMS by simply logging in and can facilitate themselves to each update. It is the VULMS that offers too much regarding the educational process along with the teachers as well as the trainers to crack all the hard nuts. It looks like the aim of the Virtual University is fulfilled through VULMS when students feel comfort after getting everything at one place.

Important features of VULMS ?

VULMS offers several features that are very important not only in education but also for students. The following are the most important ones.

Ordering content and course for students:

VULMS is best when we talk about the managing of content as well as the course line as VULMS presents them in a structured way. The information, as well as the updates on VULMS, are not fix and tutors can modify the text or tests. VULMS by managing the course line can easily manage the student’s activity regarding the content and course as well as the different searches of different students. VULMS can also beneficial in controlling the process of enrolling new students as well as providing them an equal ground. Whatever the changes are made by the teachers can easily be narrated to all the students through the VULMS.

Assessment of students:

VULMS is extremely helpful to track the progress of students because through VULMS the result of students is always under observation. It is the use of VULMS that gives teachers a handful of approaches to set effective tests and issue them online. After checking those tests the teachers can evaluate the progress and share the result online via VULMS so that the students can assess themselves. Apart from tests the VULMS also helps in monitoring the attendance of students in the classes, assignments, and events.

Feedback of Students:

VULMS offers the opportunity to give their feedback after evaluating the complete process. Students find a chance to share their views with the teachers as well as their fellow beings with the help of VULMS. Teachers as well as the students by using the VULMS a springboard to their activities can create groups to discuss the pros and cons of every aspect of the educational process presented through VULMS. These discussions produce positive results among the students and this is because of the VULMS.

Benefits of VULMS:

  1. VULMS helps the teachers to present the course in various formats such as text, audio, video, etc.
  2. Students can visit VULMS anytime, from everywhere to check what kids of new updates are available.
  3. VULMS assists both the teachers and students as the teacher can modify the material according to need of the hour and students look at once the modified content.
  4. With the help of VULMS, the assessment of students through structured quizzes and attendance can easily be observed.
  5. By using the platform of VULMS the students with the help of their teachers can re-shape the material according to the need of the hour.
  6. On the platform of VULMS students find an opportunity to create a separate group for the sake of study by using the VULMS
  7. Through VULMS the teachers apart from the evaluation can also set goals as well as tasks to speed up the progress of students.
  8. VULMS can reach directly to the students and provides the best version of each part of the content as well as the course line.
  9. With the help of VULMS, the students can also check their results regarding their progress by checking the mark sheet on the platform of VULMS.
  10. VULMS gives room to teachers as well as students to create communication of learning goals and set a timeline for the assessment of those goals.
  11. The most important benefit of the VULMS is the creation of a communication link between the teachers and students.

How does VULMS work?

As we already mentioned that VULMS is a software application and, hence, needs proper criteria to open. It is necessary to open the VULMS to log in and visit VULMS properly. New students are given the ID and password to open the VULMS and check details of the course line. The information is set here in different categories to resolve the issues of students real fast and quick.


  • In the home category of VULMS, you find the details about the content of the complete course.
  • Here you find the course website which tells about the course info like the book code, the title of your book and the credit hours of one week.
  • In the course website of VULMS, you also find the section in charge as well as the instructor’s info so that you could contact them to solve the problems.
  • The course website of VULMS also contains the list of the course content which covers the important topics of the book.
  • VULMS in the course-book provides the detail information about the assignment that when and where they should be submitted.
  • Here you can also have the option regarding the frequently asked question so that you could update to the current trend.
  • In the course website of the VULMS, you find the glossary option which highlights the main topics along with their definition.
  • Home of VULMS also contains lessons and you can easily check that what the next lesson to take is.
  • Lastly, there is the option of books that tell how you can download according to your own choice.


  • After the home category, you see the profile group in VULMS.
  • In this category, you can check all the info about yourself as VULMS keeps the personal record save along with the educational record.

Grade Book:

It is the category established by the VULMS to present the students all information regarding their grades and students can check them online.

Account Book:

This section of VULMS contains the record of your fee that how much you have paid and how much is pending.

Lectures Schedule:

In this section VULMS provides you information about the details of your lectures. You can easily check how many lectures you offered in one week and when are they.

Notice Board:

This is a very important category of VULMS to know about the current updates and changes. If the officials are made any changes or they uploaded new information, you can easily find it.

What is VULearning?

VULearning is the learning process that is offering by the Virtual University to educate the common people without obstacles. VULMS is specially organized to facilitate the people of lower sections without leaving their homes. VULearning, hence, is a very important tool of education for the people who are really under the spell of society and cannot meet up the requirement of time.

The utilization of VULearning is very easy as well as very affordable as the expenditures of VULMS are very cheap. VULearning is a well-defined platform for people who cannot afford the regular nature of education.

Last Words:

VULMS is a complete process that helps the students in almost all the categories of educational activities. Virtual University is one of the best institutions regarding education and, hence, the university officials operate all the educational proceedings by a comprehensive system which is called VULMS. Students are bound to make ID to log in as well as check the important timelines and new updates by using the VULMS. It is the VULMS that helps the university to manage and evaluate the progress as well as the attendance of students.

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