stat 301 today mcq

stat 301 today mcq

1:For given data, discuss the shape of the distribution:X f0 21 32 53 74 55 36 2


2:The data presented in the form of frequency data is known as


3.In a frequency distribution the categories must


4:”A bell shaped distribution is also known as


5:For a symmetrical data set mean value is 150 and standard deviation 25. 68% values will lie between


6:The most repeated (popular) value in a data set is called:” :STA301


7:”The difference between the sample value expected and the estimates value of the parameter is called as


8:”For a certain distribution, A.M=136.75, Median=148.37 and Mode=152.80, then the distribution will be


9:”Value of harmonic mean is lower than


10:”IQ’s of all children in a school is an example of


11:”Pearson’s coefficient of skewnss is equal to?



12:”If A and B are mutually exclusive events with     P(A) =0.25 and P (B) = 0.50, Then P (A or B) =




13:”The median of the values are 1,2,4,5,7.”


14:”Co-efficient of Quartile Deviation is a


14:”If P(A n B)=P(A/B).P(B) then we can say that the events A and B are____________



15:The measures used to calculate the variation present among the observations in the unit of the variable is called



16:From the given data, which one of the following chart we can draw:Year Turnover1965 3500001966 420001967 435001968 480001969 48500″



17:”If median>mid-quartile range>midrange then distribution will be mcq


18:”The extremely negative skewed curve is also known as



19:”Measure of central tendency is used to measure mcq average


19:”If the first and third quartiles are 22.16 and 56.36 respectively, then the quartile deviation is


20:open-ended questions provide primarily ______ data mcq



21:Serious disadvantage of using range as a” measure of dispersion is that it is based on only:” :STA301



22:”Which average gives the more weightage to the smaller values?



23:”If a curve has longer tail to the left, it is called


24:”Symbolically, a conditional probability is


25When the distribution is highly skewed, then which average is appropriate?


26:”Which branch of statistics deals with the techniques that are used to organize, summarize and present the data?” :STA301




27:Data in the Population census report is: STA301


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