Rich tributes: AIOU holds condolence reference for Munnu Bhai


Speakers at a sympathy reference hung on Tuesday at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) paid tribute to late Munnu Bhai for his characteristics of head and heart.

Tending to a sympathy reference, they especially lauded him for raising a voice for the mistreated areas of the general public, through his works.

The reference was mutually masterminded by the college’s branches of mass correspondence and Urdu.

It was managed by the prestigious researcher Prof Fateha Muhammad Malik, while speakers included famous writers Hamid Mir, Rauf Kalasra and Radio Pakistan ex-DG Murtaza Solangi.

AIOU Vice Chancellor Dr Shahid Siddiqui in his introductory statements said the Munnu Bhai will be for some time recollected due to his affection for the regular man.

Through papers segments he supported the reason for the less special segment of the general public.

In the celebrated TVs show “Sona Chandi” he portrayed the story of the individuals who carried on with a basic and standard life. By his passing, he said they have lost another dynamic voice of respectability and mental soundness.

Prof Malik talked about his long close to home relationship with Munnu Bhai, thinking back the time they partook in together as understudies in Government Collage Attock in their initial years. They hung out in Rawalpindi’s scholarly and editorial circles.

Munnu Bhai has made a vacuum in dynamic writing and news-casting which can barely be filled in numerous decades, he included. Hamid Mir applauded the VC for organizing the reference, recollecting the extraordinary writer and feature writer.

It is hard to accept that Munno Bhai is no more among them. While relating his own communication with him, he said he generally glorified him as he filled in as an inspiring power in sections’ compositions.

Munnu Bhai was an earnest, unassuming and a genuine man. He merited high thankfulness in light of his dedication and responsibility for the social work. Munnu Bhai’s adoration for humankind is reflected from the way that he likewise connected himself with Sundas Foundation, Lahore, a cause association, Mir included.

While giving proper respect to Munnu Bhai, Rauf Kalasra said he holds him in high regard since he was the most loved journalist of his mom. He was intrigued by him as he represented the reason for powerless individuals. He noticed that the late editorialist had additionally been at the front line raising the voice of South Punjab.

Murtaza Solangi talked about Munnu Bhai’s relationship with Radio Pakistan, through which he featured financial issues of the individuals.

He recommended that instructive establishments expected to pass on the message of such incredible characters to the youthful age for their childhood.

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