Laudable Reforms by CBSE in 10th Board Exam Structure – A Progressive Decision

Education can in no way be defined by a compulsive approach. Each student is unique in his own way, and it will not be prudent to expect them to have the same experience as the other. The educational process should always refer to and take care of the various talents of young minds. For example, there are some students interested in learning about the story, while there are others who like to strive in the corners of chemistry. Each student finds one or more interesting topics depending on his psychological orientations. The real purpose of education should be to encourage students to learn and show progress in the areas where they feel most comfortable, rather than forcing them to study a subject that seems less attractive or uninteresting. If a student develops a natural affinity with a particular subject, it is obvious that the student will perform well in the future if he or she follows that topic for further study. Taking into account this general trend of behavior, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has developed a progressive and dynamic approach in the true sense of the word. At the Lotus Valley International School, one of the best schools in Noida, we appreciate the decision and hopefully it will definitely help students progress on the path to a brighter future.

The need for a reform in the structure of the exam

As we all know, after the CBSE 10th level board exam, the subject’s design becomes accurate and students have the opportunity to choose the sequence that best fits them. Therefore, from the eleventh rule onwards, students are free to select sciences, humanities or business trade. The motto is to serve the basic knowledge in each subject to each student up to the tenth standard, since specialization in a specific field of study would be available.

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