How to Find Pet Insurance for Your New Kitten

AIOU Getting a new kitten involves a little preparation: getting bowls of food and water, ordering the position of the litter box and the bed, choosing a variety of toys. Bad health is not something you think of with a kitten, but it prepares you to be ready for the unexpected. For this reason, in the list of outstanding tasks for the arrival of the kitten there should be a pet insurance in place.

Why protect a cat?

As a general rule, cats are less prone to health problems than dogs and those who spend their lives at home are less likely to do so. But there is always the unexpected factor and the disease or injury can attack any animal, regardless of how safe its environment is.

The quality of the veterinary service in the United States is among the best in the world, but it is not cheap. This means that a visit to the vets can be expensive and, unless you have a saved money deposit for this, it can cause real problems. Veterans know that cat owners must lose treatment or get into debt to pay an account.

What does it cover?

Pet insurance is like many other types of insurance: there is a variety of products with different levels of coverage and different benefits. From one state to another, there can be changes in what is covered and, of course, in the price. In fact, apart from California, there are not even state regulations on this type of policy, so it is important to check the fine print.

The basic concepts of coverage include elements such as illness and injury, but do not cover annual reviews or checks, as well as the cost of vaccines. Some policies may concern whether the cat disappears or causes damage to third parties and even money to advertise them if they flee. But with most policies, you can pay the maximum or the little required.

You can also get different levels of how much the policy pays, which can be 80%, 90% or 100% of the bill. Thus, the account could be $ 1000 and if you choose the first level, the insurance company will reimburse you $ 800 or $ 900 in the second level. The more money you pay back, the higher the insurance company will accept.

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