ENG513 GDB Spring 2021 – GDB – Solution VU

ENG513 GDB Spring 2021 – GDB – Solution VU

ENG513 GDB Spring 2021 Solution idea:

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Q. Can virtual learning be a replacement for classroom learning for students of primary level? Explain your stance in 150-250 words.

Virtual or online learning provides various channels such as mail, online chat, and video conferences, through which students and instructors can interact with each other. In the classroom, there is only one channel to communicate with each other. Many students have a visual memory and seem to learn more willingly and are interested in online modes of teaching. Virtual learning is opted these days due to the shutdown of schools and institutions. It is beneficial to an extent because it does not require waking up early, there is no fear of getting scolded and one can study comfortably. But, a teacher-student relationship can be best established in a classroom only. The interaction and the questions a student asks the instructor in the class cannot happen in online interaction. Virtual learning offers a good substitute to classroom learning in times of emergency but it cannot replace the classroom. Classroom learning remains the main option as a discipline can be taught through it and it is a better mode of imparting education and knowledge.

I agree with the fact that it is the need of the hour to conduct virtual classes as the situation calls for it. But, in my opinion, classroom teaching will always be preferred over virtual classes as juniors or young adolescents learn much more. Daily interactions with teachers and peers improve their skills to deal with and teach them how to live in a society. Moreover, schools organize competitions and exams which result in the formation of skills required in day-to-day life. In this situation of a global health crisis, the virtual system of learning has proved its merits. As technology advances, this system is here to stay. But, accepting the virtual method doesn’t mean rejecting the traditional classroom pedagogy. The convenience and low-cost model of virtual learning cannot replace the experiential learning of human values and character development of the classroom setting. Both virtual learning and classroom lessons have their own importance. In these times of pandemic, virtual learning is more important so that the education of children is not hindered. Classrooms are important as the children sit together and concentrate on a particular topic. They can learn new skills in such an environment and the teacher has their full attention. Thus, both forms of teachings have their own place.

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