EDU301 GDB Spring 2021 – GDB – Solution VU

EDU301 GDB Spring 2021 – GDB – Solution VU

EDU301 GDB Spring 2021


Starting Date Monday, August 09, 2021
Closing Date Thursday, August 12, 2021
Status Open

Question Title Learning Styles (General Methods of Teaching) EDU301

Question Description
Dear Student,

Graded Discussion Board (GDB) for General Methods of Teaching (EDU301) is opened on 09-08-2021 and will be closed on 12-08-2021.

After studying different learning styles in this course, reflect on your personal learning style and how as a teacher you can make it more interactive and interesting for your students?

(your answer will be around 100-150 words).

Read the following instructions carefully before posting your comments.

You must mention the title of the attempted GDB on top.
DO NOT write irrelevant content.
Your comments should not exceed 150-200 words.
GDB carries 5% weightage.
Relevant and original ideas, written in correct English will be highly appreciated.
Post your comments on GDB & NOT on the Regular MDB.
Comments sent through e-mail or posted on regular MDB will NOT be graded.
Comments copied from internet or reading material will be graded poor.
Write your comments against any one of the above-mentioned questions.

Students kindly share assignment files in relevant subject timely for discussion/solution.
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