CS601 Assignment 2 Spring 2021 – Assignments – Solution VU

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CS601 Assignment 2 Spring 2021 – Assignments – Solution VU




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Assignment No. 02

Semester: Spring 2021

CS601: Data Communication

Total Marks: 15




Question No. 1

The diagram given below is representing the Bipolar-AMI signal encoding scheme. You are required to carefully analyze the diagram and then write down the binary pattern represented by the diagram.


Give your answer in the following table:






Question No. 2

What is the Nyquist sampling rate for each of the following signals?

a.     A low-pass signal with bandwidth of 150 KHz?


Low  – pass signal fl = 0 Hz

F= fl + BW

F= 0 + 150 KHz

Fh  = 150 KHz

Nyquist Sampling rate = 2 x 150 k

Nyquist Sampling rate = 300000 sample per second


b.     A band-pass signal with bandwidth of 250 KHz if the lowest frequency is 100 KHz?


Band pass signal  f= fl  + BW

Band pass signal  f=100k + 250k

Band pass signal  f= 350Khz

Nyquist Sampling rate = 2 x 350 k

Nyquist Sampling rate = 700000 sample per second


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