Copy paste work on Google AdSense || Google Copy Paste Jobs

Copy paste work on Google AdSense || Google Copy Paste Jobs

Copy paste work on Google AdSense || Google Copy Paste Jobs

paste work on Google AdSense is a new thing to earn money. There are many
people who wants to earn through Google AdSense, but they do not want to
involve themselves to make their own content. So, this article is specially for
you because now you can re-use the already content which is on internet to earn
money online.

Copy Paste Work

paste work on Google is the only solution by the help of you can be financially
independent. Many people may still believe that copy paste work with Google would
be a tough job to do but it is so simple and easy. Keep following the
instructions and you will end up with creative and easy way to perform Google copy paste jobs.

to do this job?

good news is that all the Google copy paste jobs are without investment and you
just need to focus on finding the content which is already available on the

Step 1:
First make an account on, which will probably cost you 15 minutes.
(Don’t worry if you do not know how to make it you can take help from the
videos attached below).

Step 2: You
need to search your main article titles and open the best website articles on
different tabs. Furthermore, you need to copy and paste these article data in
MS word.

Step 3:
Open this link in new tab

through this link you will be able to exactly know that how much of your copied
content is unique and how much portion of the article is still plagiarized.

Step 4: If
your content is plagiarized, don’t worry, to make it unique you need to go to Google
and then open the Google Translator. However, when you will change the whole
article into other language, you will be able to copy it.

Step 5: You
are all set to publish this on Blogger. Simple go to Blogger and click “create
a new post”. Now you can paste the Google AdSense copy paste work which is new
unique article there and publish it but keep in mind that you can also insert
pictures in it.

you done all of this now you have to do one more thing which is to index your
article on Google algorithm. Do not need to worry it is also so simple:

  • Just first copy your
    article URL/Link and then paste it in search box of this website
  • Now click “Index
    button which will be shown on right side of the screen and then
    this may take a while so keep waiting until it fully loads and shows as your
    article has been indexed by Google.

it, I hope this article would help you a lot but in case if you still have
confusion, then you may watch these following videos to clear your concept

Copy paste work on Google

Copy paste work with Google

Google Copy paste Jobs




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