Career Google Translate || Google Translation Jobs from Home

Career Google Translate || Google Translation Jobs from Home

Career Google Translate || Google Translation Jobs from Home

Google Translate, Career making with the help of google translator might be shocking
news for you guys, but do you know that you can earn money online by using two
free platforms on the internet. Yes, today in this article I will be guiding
you about google career translate opportunity from where you can easily be
financially independent and are proud of your family.

are two platforms which we will be using, and these are free of cost:

1.    1. Google Translator

2.    2. Blogger


is the online facility which Google provide us to translate any language to another
language. All of todays lecture will help you to perform google translate job
online and build your own career google translate and as for as this job is
concerned google translate online job is simple just there is need of copy and
paste work which everyone knows even kids.

translate work from home creates different google translate job opportunities especially
for the students who are free in this lock down situation.

Translate Job Online

are many google translate careers if you are serious and passionate about your
work. Google translator jobs are seen so common on the internet. Once you get
better at online earning you may be called the freelance google translate
person who is keenly interested in freelancing and earning online by the help
of blogging.

Blogger:- Blogger
is a free platform which is created for the people who are passionate about
giving their valuable thoughts about something, share research about anything,
or informers by the help of internet.

Money by using Google Translator and Blogger?

you must make account on Blogger. After doing that, you will need to think what
is the thing which inspires you the most or the thing which you can share with
the people, and they would like it too. However, when you have selected the
niche to work on. Now you must copy every post of the website of your
competitor and paste it on google translator online and convert that whole
article into Urdu or any other language of your choice.

cope the whole Urdu article and paste it on new blank page of Microsoft Word.
Do some adjustments like delete extra spaces etc. and then after doing all the
formatting on the article you have to write the word AD on those places
where you want google AdSense to show your ads which makes money when viewers
of your page click on them.

all the adjustments you must copy it on blogger page and then click on compose
article to paste the google ad link on the places where you have already
written the text named “AD”. After all of this now you must need to bold the
fonts which are your main heading and then finally click the PUBLISH button
and after some time the google will show their ads on your article.

you still have confusion, you can learn by our YouTube channel IT4ALL channel
by going to its playlists.

this was the method to make career making with the help of google translator
and the Blogger. I hope you would like my article and it would be informative
for all of you.

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