BT401 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 – Assignments – Solution VU

BT401 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 – Assignments – Solution VU

BT401 Assignment 1 Fall 2021 Solution:



Assignment No. 1

Fall 2021

 Due Date: 01st December 2021


Course name and Code:

My course name is Genetic Resources & Conservation and its course code is BT 401.


My Introduction: 

My name is                   son of/daughter of                         . I am                                       years old but very energetic and willing to meet challenges. I am hard working and have strong communication skills. My truth is my passion and my family is my peace. I am simple in nature and love to play cricket.

In adding together to doing            from virtual university by profession. I am a teacher and teaching in    from last          years. Biology is my favorite subject and I have a good command over my subject. I’m a graphic designer too with over five years of experience specializing in creating beautiful, unique website experiences that make users’ time with a brand more enjoyable. I am looking forward to growing my management skills to hopefully develop and inspire a team of my own. I am fond of reading books and magazines.


Academic Background: 

I got my primary education from a private school name                              . I got first position in middle examination and stood toppers among the board. In previous three semesters I got cgpa                       . This period was a great learning period from me. I did my Matriculation from                              Board in first division and also have completed my intermediate from                   board in first division. I did my B.Sc. from the                   in high                division. Now, I am a student of Virtual University and doing     . This is my                semester.


Views about course:

This course is designed to provide an opportunity to understanding of the students about the genetic resources and conservation. This course is providing information to student how we can preserve genetic resources which are very important to maintain the community. This course tells us about the method how we preserve the animals. In my views, it is a best course in which all the techniques that are used in the preservation of germplasm. Students learn more about the genetic resources of all living organisms like animal, plants and microorganisms. This course guides us to maintain the genetic diversity. Many important techniques are to conserve the seed in the seed bank to preserve the beneficial traits of plants through the genes.


Expectations about the course: 

I expected that after reading this course, I will be work for the conservation of Genetic resources. I will attain academic skills and knowledge, acquire technical knowledge and skills related to natural resources, and develop knowledge and skills regarding career opportunities. I am also learning more and more about cryopreservation technique. I am well known about the different areas about like national park and zoological park to preserve threaten species.




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