BIO301 GDB Spring 2021 – GDB – Solution VU

BIO301 GDB Spring 2021 – GDB – Solution VU

BIO301 GDB Spring 2021

BIO301 GDB Spring 2021 solution idea:


There are several reasons for the unparalleled importance of genetic mutations study.  Here I can provide some important points about genetic mutations. The mutation plays a vital role in evolution. The observation of gene mutations allows us to study genetic diseases and help treat genetic problems as in case of COVID 19 here where mutation has resulted Delta type mutant virus. Mutant strains, as in case of interferon and Savoli has made it possinle to deal with hepatitis c. The easiest way to treat cancer cells or organs is to to study and understand common mutations. Also another important aspect of study include the mutation of sexual reproduction during the formation of the crossing over enables us to cope with the harsh environment in the future and adapt well to life in difficult environments.  The ultimate source of all genetic variation is mutation. To study Mutation is critical because it is the first step in evolution, because it creates a new set of DNA for a particular gene, and thus a new allele. Recombination can also generate a new set of DNA (new alleles) for selected genes through intragenic recombination. Another aspect to study Mutations is this is the source to determine whether DNA or RNA sequencing is right or wrong. If mutation is the simplest force that can be manifested in pathogen populations, then evolution will pay a price we cannot explain in both plants and animals. Mutation can be very important in introducing new alleles (new DNA sequences) into the population.  In plant pathology, we are usually interested in mutations that affect pathogen virulence or sensitivity to fungicides or antibiotics…  It is also very important to study at genetic mutations from the perspective of plant microbiology, because employees continue to cultivate new mutant microbial strains to obtain higher fermentation capacity (such as yeast), higher antibiotic production (such as penicillium) and many other biochemical product. The Read Mutations in the livestock industry are of unique significance because there are kinds of pets and domestic animals. Due to the mutation, they are all from wild type. Some of the current mutations include Ankang sheep, horned farm animals, hairless cats, etc. Mutations have also occurred in terms of better milk production, lactation time, egg production, meat content, wool production and adaptability to various environmental conditionots.  The domestication of many plants is possible due to unexpected mutations in them, such as hard ears of wheat, rice and other grains, and cton.

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