AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 207 Autumn 2019

aiou solved assignments

Aiou Solved Assignments code 207 Autumn 2019 assignments 1 and 2  Course: Matric compulsory English (207) spring 2019. aiou past papers.

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 & 2 Code 207 Autumn 2019

Course: Matric compulsory English (207) 
Semester: Spring, 2019 
Level: B. Ed 
Assignment No.1  
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Q.1 read the dialogue and rewrite the information about tony in paragraph form (10) A: can you introduce yourself? Tony: Yes! I am tony William Black. A: Where are you from? c I ? Tony: I have come from America. A: Where are you living in? Tony: I live in Michigan City. 1411) A: What is your profession? Tony: I am a teacher. 0 A: what subject do you teach? bk4 at_413 Tony: Mathematics. 11 A: How long will you stay in Pakistan? Tony A: Will you be working here? Four months. 41 VTony: yes I will be teaching in Falcon School. ik A: Are you married? Tony: Yes! I have a wife and two children. A: Will your family live with you here? e Tony: I have come here alone. • Ans: Tony: Yes! I am tony William Black. I hav horn America. I live in Michigan city.I am a teacher. I am teaching Mathematics at the sc oollevel. I will stay in Pakistan for four months. Yes I will be teaching in Falcon School’ is 1.160,T A having a wife and two children.But they stay in amercia .I came here alon.
Q.2 Write a short paragraph gi ‘nformation about the things you bought from the market to decorate your room. Provide & ail about buying cloths , furniture, wallhanging, decoration and also the setting and dimension of your room etc.
Item List that are essentials for room decoration: 1. Sofa 2. Love seat, chaise 3. Chair(s), recliner(s) 4. Ottoman and/or footstool 5. Coffee table, sofa table 6. End tables, occasional tables 447. Decorative pillows, floor pillows 8. Sofa blankets 9. Television 10. Media cabinet 11. Bookshelf, decorative ledges 12. CD player / DVD player 13. Cable box, satellite receiver 14. AM & FM receiver 15. Surround sound system & speakers.

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