AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2021

aiou solved assignment

AIOU Solved Assignment MA code 671 Autumn & Spring 2021 Assignment 2  Course:Educational Psychology (671) M.A Special education Spring 2021. AIOU past papers

Educational Psychology (671) M.A Special education
Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2021

AIOU Solved Assignment 1 & 2 Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2021

At the least, the possibility of physical difference as a fact of longevity requires those who adopt a medical model of disability to consider shadings and degrees of difference in their construction. An either/or paradigm in which one is normal or disabled is inadequate to conceptualise the diversity of ability within the greater population, and across the individual life course. Between “deaf” and “hearing” is a range of potential limitations; between “blind” and “normally sighted” is a spectrum of perception. Some loss may be inherent in the life course—presbyopia, for example—some are not. Persons with strabismus, an inherited neuromuscular disorder, often lose acuity in one eye during early childhood. Even those with sight in both eyes often will not develop binocular vision, and thus are without normal depth perception. And yet, persons with strabismus are rarely labelled as “disabled”. Thus the mere fact of a clinically measurable physical limit is insufficient to permit a distinction based solely on that fact. Certainly, as I argue later, the mere fact of an inherited condition is insufficient in itself to permit an informed and ethical endorsement of eugenic planning.
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AIOU Solved Assignment 2 Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2021

Q.2  Code 671 Spring What is heredity? How heredity plays role in disability, can we control and take measures to control heredity disorders. Support your discussion with examples. (4+8+4+4)
Man’s behavior is influenced by two forces: heredity and environment. The biological or psychological characteristics which are transmitted by the parents to their offspring are known by the name of heredity. Heredity is a biological process of transmission of certain traits of behavior of the parents to their children by means of the fertilized egg. Hereditary traits are innate, they are present at birth.
The human individual is the progeny of two parent cells that come together when a male sperm fertilizes a female egg. In the nuclei of these parent cells are certain hair like substances called chromosomes. The chromosomes contain chemical substances called gene. These basic substances chromosomes and genes determine characteristics of the individual.

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2021

The essential characteristics inherited by all human beings are physical structure, reflexes, innate drives, intelligence and temperament. There are some scholars who explain that the variations of human beings and the societies are due to differences in environment. A debate has been going on about the relative importance of hereditary and environment in determining the behavior of individuals and groups.

AIOU Solved Assignment 1 & 2 Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2021

Developments in molecular genetics
An expert assessment of striking recent developments in molecular genetics and their implications for medical practice, at present and in the immediate future. Adopting a public health approach, the report aims to help medical decision-makers and practitioners understand both the technical basis of progress and its potential to revolutionize the management of numerous diseases. Advances in the prevention and treatment of classical genetic disorders are considered together with newer opportunities opened by knowledge that many common disorders, including coronary heart disease and certain cancers, have a genetic component.
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Throughout the report, a special effort is made to help planners, in developing and developed countries alike, reap the full public health benefits of technologies that are becoming increasingly powerful, simple, and inexpensive to use. Information ranges from a discussion of the state-of-the-art in gene therapy, through a tabular summary of treatment results for specific congenital anomalies, to advice on ways to integrate simple genetic approaches into everyday medical practice. Relevant ethical, social, and legal issues are also critically assessed in an effort to provide comprehensive guidance.

AIOU Solved Assignment Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2022

Natural trajectory of human genome research
The natural trajectory of human genome research is toward the identification of genes, genes that control normal biological functions and genes that create genetic disease or interact with other genes to precipitate hereditary disorders. Genes are being localized far more rapidly than treatments are being developed for the afflictions they cause, and the human genome project will accelerate this trend. The acquisition of genetic knowledge is, in short, outpacing the accumulation of therapeutic power — a condition that poses special difficulties for genetic knowing.
Our expectation is that the characterization of a disease- instigating gene will greatly assist our understanding of how and why it causes a malfunction in the body. It makes good sense to go to the root of the problem. But to learn a gene’s secret, first you must find it. And finding it is not so simple.

AIOU Solved Assignments Code 671 Autumn & Spring 2022

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