Aiou Books: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Books Information 2021

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AIOU Books are the most important part of Allama Iqbal Open University’s education system. AIOU Books are the tools through which you can observe the course line during the semester. The cause of serving the masses through a platform where they can easily participate without leaving their homes as well as jobs is well addressed by the AIOU and AIOU Books also helps to fulfill the task.

In its early years, the Allama Iqbal Open University was an effective institution but in the modern age of technology, it has become the voice of thousands of students. Now a day people can fully rely and are relying on AIOU to fulfill their quest regarding education without going to university as well as without attending any classes.

Aiou Books: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Books Information 2021

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Aiou Books: Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Books Information 2021

The scope, as well as the progress of the university, is enhancing with each passing year and, of course, the AIOU Books are its effective role quite nicely. The journey started by the Allama Iqbal Open University back then has been very successful during all those years and the AIOU Books are the direct bridge between the University and students. Students can count on the AIOU Books and they must as they have the official status in the institution.

What are AIOU Books?

AIOU Books are the hard form source to cover the syllabus of the University which it finalizes during each semester. The AIOU has a syllabus to cover and follow during the different semesters and, hence, they offer the students AIOU Books to study during the current semester.

These are the AIOU Books that contain the exercise, in the end, to make an assignment by resolving that exercise. You can find the whole structure of all the questions of the assigned exercise in the AIOU Books.

You can easily get the help from AIOU Books to fulfill your assigned task and send it to the appointed tutor before the closing date. The tutor checks your work very closely and decides how good you use the information of AIOU Books and allot your marks.

Why AIOU Books are Important ?

AIOU Books are, no doubt, the most important part of the education of the Allama Iqbal Open University. AIOU Books are the only guide which the students get to solve their assigned activity. Without AIOU Books you are not able to go past the line of resolving the assigned exercise. You conduct the AIOU Books to cover the syllabus of each semester of the AIOU.

It is a well-established fact that in the field of study you are always bound to follow the described course so that gradually you will be able to solve several exercises. The same is the case with the educational policy of the Allama Iqbal Open University and, hence, here the AIOU Books are very important.

In the Course of AIOU Books, you find the gradual development of thoughts which is helpful in the process of exams. The tutors always check the ability of students about the understanding of any topic and that understanding develops in students when extensively study the AIOU Books. The following are the points that highlight the importance of AIOU Books.

AIOU Books are the first guiding force that you received after getting enrolled with Allama Iqbal Open University.

  • AIOU Books are the only tool that covers the different areas of the syllabus.
  • Without AIOU Books you cannot rely on anything else to get help.
  • With the help of AIOU Books, the students will be able to remain in touch with the actual process of study.
  • The AIOU Books are designed in such manners to address the activities of a practical approach.
  • The social, as well as the practical outlook of AIOU Books, help the students to get actively involved in the leaning process.
  • The AIOU Books are very easy to understand and, hence, even the common students do not find any difficulty during their study.
  • The AIOU Books are simply designed to cover all the questions of the assigned exercise.
  • The assignment made by the students based on AIOU Books can secure maximum marks.
  • The AIOU Books are equally famous in the hearts of tutors and they prefer the direct guideline taken from AIOU Books.

How to get AIOU Books ?

Getting of AIOU Books on time always remains a matter of concern for the students who are enrolled in the AIOU. Different people have different speculations about the process of getting AIOU Books before the closing date. We searched a lot and find that it is not a hard nut to crack at all but a matter which needs attention to address.

We made a complete list so that we can clear all the misconceptions regarding the AIOU Books and their delivery. It is just the positive approach that you all need to adopt while you are waiting for the process of getting AIOU Books. The following are the steps that cover the complete process of acquiring AIOU Books.

  1. First, you should wait for the official status of confirmation or rejection. You must check the AIOU official status that who are the lucky students to get enrolled with the university successfully. This is the area where most of the students got panic about AIOU Books without knowing the actual status of their enrollment.
  2. Second, now you are officially enrolled with the university and, hence, are a member of the official program. But it does not mean that you will get the AIOU Books. You must wait at least one month or more.
  3. Third, then in the next month, you must pay a regular visit to the official website of AIOU to know about the current status of AIOU Books. The regular visit of the official page provides you the opportunity not to miss the new updates. You will get the AIOU Books codes as soon as the university dispatches them.
  4. Fourth, to check the online status regarding the dispatching of AIOU Books is very easy. You just open the official page of the AIOU. Here in the admission tab, you will find the option of book dispatch status. What you need to do is to click the book dispatch status. It will open you a search bar to enter the roll number to see the current status of AIOU Books.
  5. Fifth, when you get the dispatch date about the AIOU Books, you have to wait for almost twenty-one days. After twenty-one days your AIOU Books will be at your home address via the post office.

If you do not get the AIOU Books ?

It happens and can be happened sometimes that you do not get your AIOU Books within the due days. Once you check the status of the AIOU Books, you think that now I will receive them quite easily. But suddenly you find that your AIOU Books are still to come. It immediately becomes a matter of concern for students and it should be.

To address such a situation you need patience and attention as this is not the time to panic. We have collected some important steps to highlight the solution to this whole phenomenon. The following are the steps to keep them in mind to solve the ups and downs in the process of getting the AIOU Books.

  1. First, it is very clear that after twenty-one days of dispatching date, you receive the AIOU Books via the post office. If you do not find the AIOU Books and the twenty-one days have been passed then certainly you should change the approach.
  2. Second, after the due days, you must call the Pakistan Post Office and tell them about the delivery of AIOU Books. They will ask you about the registry and you have to tell them the roll number that the university allotted you.
  3. Third, you should not stop here because the post office team will look but soon leave the process. You need to visit them in person to make sure that they are trying to deliver your required AIOU Books.
  4. Fourth, if, in a verse scenario, you do not find the AIOU Books at all and the closing date is on board. You can write an application to the regional officers and let them know about the whole process of not receiving the AIOU Books.
  5. Fifth, if you are in touch with your appointed tutors then you can discuss the situation with them also. They may come up with a solution which will help you in several ways.

Can one purchase the AIOU Books by self ?

The purchasing of AIOU Books is the question that sometimes asks most of the students but undermines the importance of this question by several groups. That is why we here want to highlight the importance of the question of purchasing AIOU Books by providing you the current information about purchasing the AIOU Books online.

Everyone knows that the AIOU Books are dispatch to the students by the university itself. But in some cases, the students do not find the books and have to miss the assigned task by the university. A couple of aspects are right there to order the AIOU Books online and purchase them at self-expense.

  1. First, if you do not receive the AIOU Books at all and you do not want to wait or miss the due date then you can and should purchase.
  2. Second, if you lost the AIOU Books in case of any emergency you should purchase to complete the assigned work.
  3. Third, if you are a study freak and do not want to waste your time waiting, you must purchase the AIOU Books.

Final Verdict:

The AIOU Books are the body of the educational process of the Allama Iqbal Open University. The AIOU Books set the tone of music that every student should sing during each semester. With the help of AIOU Books, you can relate yourself with the course outline of the semester and then you find it the best thing to invest your best time in it.

The AIOU Books are the concrete item of your selected course and help open the inner layer of the study of several layers. The AIOU Books have the image as well as the impact that every student feels that he is personally involved in it and, hence, they make the best use of it.



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