AIOU plans centres in Sindh


The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) on Monday affirmed its yearly spending plan for the financial year 2021-21, including assets for building two new local workplaces in Sindh separated from others the nation over.

The varsity, be that as it may, has chosen to move toward the zenith controller of advanced education organizations and even the pertinent services for expanding AIOU’s offer in awards.

The official board of the varsity met at its primary grounds on Monday to consider over the yearly financial plan for the monetary year 2021-21, including repeating, non-improvement uses and advancement costs.

Led by AIOU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Ziaul Qayyum, the archives arranged by the varsity’s money office were looked into.

Dr Qayyum said that the college is extending its impression the nation over, for which it needs to manufacture tweaked structures. In such manner, he revealed plans to construct three new provincial workplaces. Two of these will be worked in Sindh, one each in Moro and Sukkur separately. The third will be worked in Muzaffarabad.

In addition, cash has been saved for getting land for and building provincial workplaces and focuses in different pieces of the nation too.

The bad habit chancellor, in any case, told the discussion that the varsity keeps on confronting a money crunch. He said that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) gives an award equal to 40-50 percent award of a college’s financial plan to meet its repetitive costs. In any case, on account of AIOU, the HEC gives only four-five percent as a yearly award.

In any case, a year ago, this cut became much littler.

Prof Qayyum said that the HEC had vowed to furnish AIOU with Rs410 million in the active monetary year, however later just furnished it with Rs22 million, which was not exactly a level of the varsity’s repetitive financial plan.

He valued his forerunners for setting up a blessing store since it was demonstrating basic in meeting the improvement costs of the varsity.

The chamber communicated worries over the minimal expenditure gave by the legislature and approved the bad habit chancellor to disagree with the HEC boss and even with the services of money and training.

He included that as of late the college had additionally hardened its enrichment subsidize by adding Rs1.5 billion to it.

Afterward, the college’s treasurer said that severe grimness measures have been taken during the active money related year 2019-20, to preserve their constrained monetary assets.

The AIOU official gathering affirmed the college’s budgetary designations for changing the after some time installment to low-paid representatives, especially those working in the subsequent move. It likewise endorsed a proposition to quit deducting transport remittance from representatives during the lockdown, forced to control the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

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